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We, at Mysore Realty Private Limited, believe in constructions that are technologically advanced, structurally firm and strategically located. The idea is to work on a value-for-money approach. Welcome to VedaPuram – one of our most picturesque projects; a stone’s throw away from the Bengaluru-Mysore Highway. Incidentally, it’s the first gated villa and plotted development project located in this area. From Airport to hospitals, from schools to offices, there are many basic and comfort amenities in close proximity to our gated villas and plots. This is perfect place to stay connected to your social, professional and personal space.
Though unmatched value proposition tops our priority but we have our synergies focused on various other critical components that lay foundation for a magnum opus. With International collaborations, state-of-the-art infrastructure, eco-friendly methodology and a no compromise attitude, we vouch to leave no stone unturned to give you your ultimate dream home. And that’s because we don’t just build structures, we build homes!
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Levinstein Group (Israel) : International construction and development company specializing in office, public and special buildings for high-tech sector, residential projects and end to end real estate solutions. Global footprint, with stake in Warsaw listed construction company and successful implementation of projects in emerging European markets.
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Logo India Accelerated Growth Real Estate Fund : Offshore fund based in Mauritius and Cyprus investing in land acquisition, development and construction of residential projects, warehousing projects and value housing projects.
Logo Sulam Financials Limited (Israel) : Investment firm with equity investments focused on pharmaceuticals, Cleantech, hospitality and real estate ventures especially in Eastern and Western Europe.
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