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Item Description
Design VedaPuram is designed by Arch. Hafeez Contractor. Hafeez is the most reputable architect in India today, with clients such as Mumbai airport, DLF, Infosys, ITC, Hyatt and many others
Landscape Architect is Saidah Taib, Singaporean by birth, who has been practicing Landscape Architecture in countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. She has helped enhance the greenscapes of a lot of mega projects nationally and internationally.
RCC and MEP is designed by Potential, the leading consultants firm from Bangalore.
Veda Puram’s theme for Landscape has been developed based on the principles – with seamless blend of Rich Heritage, Culture & Modernity.
Entrance Plaza Created with floral pattern which symbolises charm of silence and element of water. Water, one of the five elements of nature, primary building block of life which symbolizes fullness, has been characterized in the overall masterplan. Water features with granite and slate materials will be a highlight with a character to itself.
The access to VedaPuram main gate is through a 40mt wide Classic Plazza, characterized by unique paving patterns, greenery and water body. Two 7mt wide gates after the security cabin lead to a four lane avenue and into the project.
Arrival Plaza Will focus onto a significant Historical Monument – showcasing Veda Puram’s Idea. With good lighting and materials, Arrival Plaza will be a zone of iconic expression with a character.
Club House Different amenities have been provided in Club House – with Swimming Pool and Pool Connections, co-relating to the surrounding environment.
Civic Amenities In Vedapuram we have designated areas for all needs such as school, temple, police station, post office and club house.
Security VedaPuram introduces a secure environment 24/7. The main security cabin is equipped with surveillance and communication systems. Entrance and exit for vehicles and pedestrians has state of the art access control measures.
Power Supply All electricity supply is underground, to increase safety and contribute to VedaPuram ambiance. The project has its own electricity transformators and Diesel Generators for critical infrastructure.
Primary source of power supply is from Grid ( Electricity Board ) with underground cabling and dedicated transformers for the villas keeping the safety and ambience in view; Secondary source ( Back-up power) through Standby Diesel Generators is foreseen for critical infrastructural loads such as pumps etc. Suitable Grid power allocation is made for each villa depending on the size. )
Water Supply Project has centalized Under ground and overhead water tank for domestic and recycled water. The quality of water supplied to the plots are in accordance with IS: 10500-1991- Drinking Water Specifications through a well-laid pipeline to each of the plots through gravity with adequate pressure. With a view to conserve fresh water resources the systems have been designed to adopt re cycle and re-use measures use for gardening, thus minimizing wastage of precious drinking water.
Telecomunication Infrastructure at VedaPuram includes provisions for service providers to provide Telephone, intercom, Cable TV, DTH TV, Internet etc. as required by the villa owners.
Sewage VedaPuram has proposed a Sewage Treatment Plant to set up water pollution control and re-use system for the waste water generated from the entire residential block.
Storm water drainage Vedapuram has a natural slope from the entrance towards the rear end. RCC box drain are proposed next to the road .Drain has perforated removable RCC slabs at regular interval . Drain top slabs are designed for vehicular movement over it. All roof top water and Surface water shall be discharged to the existing nala adjacent to the boundary.
Streetscape Main Entrance of the project and other Street networks are highlighted with Treelined Boulevard Style of planting and Walkways – enhancing the charm of the Village. Walkways are well lit with planting on the sides – and considering safety factor in all terms.
Pathways Path ways are paved with interlocking paver blocks.
Master plan lighting Lighting of landscaped areas by Garden spike lights, Recessed wall lights ,Ground burial lights and underwater lights for water body. Streets are lit up by double armed street lights.
Roads VedaPuram has a 66 ft. wide main avenue which diverts into secondary roads and streets ranging from 33ft. to 59ft wide.
Roads are carefully designed to consist of multiple layers of granular sub base; water bound macadam, bituminous macadam and asphalt concrete, or paver blocks. No pot holes in Vedapuram roads.
Roads also include underground utilities such as storm water drain (where needed), sewage system, electricity and communication. No overhead power or communication wires.
Foot path in the main avenue is physically separated and 3mt away from the carriage way, so small children and big cars don’t mix.
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